Yoga improves your mental focus and physical agility both on and off the court

Yoga and meditation programs are customized to fulfill your goals. Taking into account your body and lifestyle, including any injuries. All ages, abilities and backgrounds can benefit from a yoga program that’s specifically tailored.

Private 1:1 classes are available as well as private group classes.

Classes can be held in the comfort of your home, place of work, at the tennis clubhouse or even on the court straight after your tennis lesson.

Boz Randjelovic is our resident teacher (Steve Randjelovic’s wife) who will gently guide you through soft movement and breath to create a mental and physical feeling of space and calmness.

Boz has taught a diverse range of clients over her 10 years of teaching; from young professional athletes, groups of tennis players and numerous people with no athletic background. She caters for beginners.

Boz Randjelovic

“I teach the kind of yoga that has always resonated with me. The kind that restores and nourishes. The kind that creates greater awareness of your felt sensations. The kind that uses the breath to create space for vitality and healing. A simply blissfully content state of wellness.”


Private 1 hr class

​​Private group classes
2 people – $100 per hour ($50 each)
3 people – $105 per hour ($35 each)
4 people – $120 per hour ($30 each)
4+ people – please contact Bozana directly

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